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Flax Sesame Crackers 

Flax Sesame Crackers are a healthy light wheat cracker with good quantity of sesame seeds and flax seeds. Oats used in the dish are rich in antioxidants, lowers cholesterol, improves blood sugar. Flax seeds are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids reduces inflammation and…

YVNites honored at KKSU 

In 12th Convocation of Kavi Kulguru Kalidas Sanskrit University, Ramtek on March 6, 2024, YVN trained teacher (33rd YTTC Dadar), Smt Vanita Mugdam felicitated with gold medal for standing highest in M. A. in Yogashastra through open and distance education (ODL) by scoring 86.5 %…

YVN to conclude Golden Jubilee Celebrations 

Yoga Vidya Niketan, Member Institute, Indian Yoga Association is celebrating its Golden Jubilee Year from March 2023 to April 2024. Concluding function of Golden Jubilee Year Celebration will be held on April 9, 2024, in between 4pm to 7pm, at Yoga Bhavan, the own structure…

YVN organises events to promote Yoga 

Annual Exhibition Yoga Vidya Niketan, Member Institute of Indian Yoga Association held one day program on Annual Exhibition cum lectures on January 14, 2024 at Yoga Bhavan, Vashi, Navi Mumbai. After floral salute to statue of Swami Kuvalayanand and founder of YVN late Yogacharya Padmashri…

J&K UTCC announces Scholarship Certification Program 

The Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory Chapter Committee in association with Swaraj Yoga Institute announced a scholarship certification program from various categories, border areas and BPL background. The announcement was made under the chairmanship of Dr Shreyansh Jain and Shri Anil Swaraj, Founder, Swaraj Yoga…

Chandigarh SCC organizes Yoga Camp 

Chandigarh State Chapter of Indian Yoga Association organized 5 Days Yoga Camp for a healthy Lifestyle at Government College of Commerce and Business Administration (GCCBA Chandigarh, a constituent college of the Panjab University), Sector 50, Chandigarh from February 26 – March 1, 2024. This boot…

Karnataka SCC conducts GBM at Art of Living Ashram 

Karnataka State Chapter Committee of the Indian Yoga Association organised its General Body Meeting on January 28, 2024 with the blessings of Gurudev Shri Shri Ravishankar, Chairman, Indian Yoga Association at the Art of Living International Center, Bengaluru. The event was attended by the members…

Chandigarh SCC celebrates Republic Day at Consulate General of India, Canada 

Glimpses of the Republic Day celebrations by Shri Ajit Handa, Chairperson, Chandigarh State Chapter Committee at Consulate General of India, Vancouver. He was on a vacation in Canada with is daughter.

SAHS and IYA celebrates International Mind Body Wellness Day 

The NSS unit, School of Allied Health Sciences, Salem, Vinayaka Mission’s Research Foundation (DU) in collaboration with Indian Yoga association celebrated International Mind Body Wellness Day on January 3. On the occasion an awareness programme was held at the Skill Lab Auditorium. Prof.Dr.B.Sendilkumar, Director, SAHS,…

Shree Kala Yoga organises Yoga Trainer Camp 

Shree Kala Yoga, Associate Centre, Indian Yoga Association in along with Gujarat State Yog Board organised Yog Trainer Camp in Gandhidham. As many as 35 trainee attended the 45 days long training camp that commenced on December 1, 2023. The camp culminated on January 16,…

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09 Apr 2024


Bridging Tradition with Innovation: Second National Conclave hosted by IYA  spotlights Yogic Policies and Research
Cover Story

Bridging Tradition with Innovation: Second National Conclave hosted by IYA spotlights Yogic Policies and Research 

In furtherance of its mission to promote and disseminate Yoga worldwide, the Indian Yoga Association seamlessly orchestrated the second edition of the National Conclave at the Art of Living International Center in Bengaluru from February 24th to 26th, 2024. This monumental event was conducted under the capable leadership of Shri Subodh Tiwari, Secretary General of IYA, and received the divine blessings of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Chairman of IYA, Maa Dr. Hansaji Yogendra, President of IYA, Guruji Dr. HR Nagendra, Governing Council Member of IYA, Shri Ishwar Basavarradi, Governing Council Member of IYA, and Swami Atmapriyananda, Senior Vice President of IYA. Their presence infused the conclave with a sense of reverence and spiritual energy.

Throughout the conclave, attendees were treated to inspiring talks and workshops led by luminaries in the field of yoga. Shri Subodh Tiwari, Yogacharya Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani, Joint Secretary, IYA, Dr. NK Manjunath, Director, Research, Dr. SP Mishra, CEO, Personnel Certificate Board, IYA, Smt. Kamlesh Barwal, Director, SPPRP Committee, Ms. Padmini Chirola, Working Director, SPPRP Committee, and others shared their wisdom and expertise, enriching participants with valuable insights into the practice and philosophy of yoga.

The National Conclave witnessed participation from diverse state chapter committees, including those from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Delhi, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Puducherry, Gujarat, Telangana, West Bengal, Jharkhand, and Kerala.

The conclave provided an opportunity for attendees to connect with like-minded individuals and build a sense of community around their shared passion for yoga. Networking sessions and social gatherings fostered meaningful connections and friendships among participants.

The second edition of the National Conclave on Policies and Research commenced with the inauguration of the National Conclave by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Maa Dr. Hansaji Yogendra, Guruji Dr. HR Nagendra, Shri Ishwar Basavaraddi, Swami Atmapriyananda, Acharya Lokesh Muniji, Shri Subodh Tiwari, Dr. SP Mishra, Yogacharya Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani, Shri NK Manjunath, Smt. Kamlesh Barwal, Ms. Padmini Chirola, and others.

It was a captivating sight as attendees sought blessings from these revered figures. The gurus were warmly felicitated and welcomed, expressing their appreciation for the efforts of Secretary General Shri Subodh Tiwari in advancing the cause of the Indian Yoga Association.


Swami Atmapriyananda commended Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for his efforts in simplifying and validating yoga teachings from ancient scriptures for the common man. Guruji Dr. HR Nagendra emphasized the importance of joining the Indian Yoga Association, highlighting yoga as a solution for global peace and unity. He outlined the objectives of the conclave, focusing on elevating evidence-based yoga research and integrating yoga into scientific discourse.

Maa Dr. Hansaji Yogendra emphasized the synchronization of the Hand, Head, and Heart for a balanced life, urging attendees to maintain inner equilibrium, perceive positivity, and channel emotions constructively. Acharya Lokesh Muniji, as the special guest, imparted blessings upon the gathering and Shri Ishwar Basavaraddi underscored the cultural significance of yoga, urging the younger generation to uphold and propagate its principles.

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar expressed deep appreciation for Shri Subodh Tiwari’s efforts in uniting all the yoga gurus and orchestrating the Conclave. In his address, he emphasized the significance of the “3Cs” – Context, Commitment, and Compassion. He urged everyone present to adopt a broader perspective on life, advising against becoming ensnared by trivial matters. Gurudev stressed the importance of truly understanding yoga, highlighting its profound relevance to behavioral science and its potential to simplify life’s complexities.

Secondly, he underscored the importance of Compassion, urging attendees to extend kindness and understanding not only to others but also to themselves. Lastly, he emphasized Commitment, encouraging individuals to persevere despite setbacks. He reminded everyone that failures are part of the journey, and true fulfillment comes from persisting and completing tasks, no matter the obstacles. By embodying these principles, he asserted, one can find lasting satisfaction and happiness.

The first day of the Conclave included a Governing Council meeting graced by the esteemed presence of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Maa Hansa ji Yogendra, Dr HR Nagendra, Dr Ishwar Basavaraddi, and Shri Subodh Tiwari. Discussions during the meeting centered around vital aspects concerning the growth and efficient operation of the Indian Yoga Association.

Award to State Chapters
To appreciate the work done by the State Chapters Committees they were given certificates by the Governing Council Members to motivate them further. The Indian Yoga Association – Maharashtra Chapter was awarded for the maximum memberships, Karnataka State Chapter bagged the award for the most Active State and Tamil Nadu State Chapter was given the award for the organising maximum events in 2023-24.

Day 2
The conclave emphasized the holistic approach to wellness advocated by yoga, encompassing physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Participants engaged in discussions and practices aimed at fostering balance and harmony in all aspects of life.

The second day of the Conclave commenced with a yoga session led by the Art of Living Centre, followed by breakfast.

Strategic Partnerships
One of the pivotal outcomes of the second National Conclave organized by the Indian Yoga Association was the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the association and Tata Consultancy Services in the divine presence of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Swami Atmapriyananda.

This strategic partnership is aimed at several key objectives, including identifying suitable universities to collaborate on wellness programs, developing a comprehensive format for yoga trainer programs enriched with immersive experiences, investigating avenues for incorporating AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy) practices into in-patient hospitalization schemes utilizing insurance benefits, establishing a standardized curriculum for yoga education tailored for working professionals, delving into collaborative research initiatives, and exploring potential partnerships beyond the borders of India.

A Memorandum of Understanding was also signed between the Art of Living Research Wing with Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth, Associate Center, Indian Yoga Associations.

Policies and Research Sessions
Policies and research in yoga encompass a multifaceted approach to understanding, promoting, and integrating yoga practices into various aspects of society. It plays a crucial role in advancing our understanding of yoga and ensuring that its benefits are accessible to all. Understanding its importance an insightful session on “Establishing Research Collaborations,” was skillfully moderated by Dr. NK Manjunath, the esteemed Vice Chancellor of SVYASA-Deemed to be University. Distinguished panelists gracing the session included luminaries such as Dr. Hemant Bhargava from NIMHANS, Dr. Amritanshu Ram representing Healthcare Global, Dr. Apar Saoji from SVYASA University, Dr. Pratim Sengupta, the Director of Nephrocare India, and the esteemed Smt. Divya Kanchibhotla, Research specialist from the Art of Living.

Thereafter, to celebrate the outstanding achievements of its members in the field of Yoga, Indian Yoga Association awarded them with Yoga Chikitsa Acharya certificates. This recognition ceremony took place in the presence Guruji Dr. HR Nagendra, Shri Ishwar Basavarradi, Swami Atmapriyananda, Dr. NK Manjunath, Shri Subodh Tiwari, Dr. SP Mishra, Yogacharya Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani, Smt Kamlesh Barwal and Shri Bhawarlal Arya representing the Karnataka State Chapter.

Following this, a session delving into the theme of “Sustainable Goals in Yoga and Research” featured esteemed speakers including Guruji Dr. HR Nagendra, Dr. NK Manjunath, Smt Aarti Jagannathan from NIMHANS, Yogacharya Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani, and Smt Kamlesh Barwal, each sharing their insightful perspectives.
A session focusing on Policies in Yoga was also conducted which was moderated by Shri Subodh Tiwari, Secretary General of IYA. The panel included esteemed speakers such as Shri Ishwar Basavaraddi who emphasized the significance of research in Yoga. Col. Amit Oberoi, an alumnus of IIT Delhi, elaborated on the exciting prospects of integrating AI into Yoga teaching. Dr. S.P. Mishra, CEO of the Personnel Certification Board at IYA, shed light on the certification programs offered by the organization. Additionally, Shri Deepak Rawat, a UI/UX Designer from Architectural Design Solution, showcased an innovative application related to Yoga.

Q&A Session

The day also featured a Question and Answer session where members of the State Chapter Committees had the opportunity to raise queries and engage in direct interaction. This session provided a platform for resolving any uncertainties and fostering dialogue between attendees. It was a highly anticipated segment, indicative of the participants’ keen dedication and commitment to yoga.

The queries raised were addressed comprehensively, and the interaction extended to include members of both the Governing and Executive Councils, adding depth and insight to the discussions. Overall, the session exemplified the spirit of collaboration and shared enthusiasm for furthering the practice and understanding of yoga.

Concluding Day
The three-day National Conclave, held at the Art of Living International Center in Bengaluru, came to a close on February 26, 2024. On the final day, participants were granted the chance to visit the Swami Vivekananda Anusandhana Samsthana University (SVYASA University) in Jigani, Bengaluru, a Member Institute of the Indian Yoga Association.

National Conclave was a gathering of hearts and minds dedicated to the timeless wisdom and profound teachings of yoga. It served as a platform for learning, growth, and spiritual exploration, leaving participants inspired and rejuvenated on their yoga journey.

It was a resounding success, bringing together renowned yoga luminaries and practitioners to celebrate the timeless wisdom of yoga and its profound impact on individual and collective well-being. The event attracted an attendance of approximately 500 IYA Members who were given IYA kits which was sponsored by AyurYog Expo 2024 organised by Indian Exposition Mart Ltd.

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