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IYA Central Secretariat’s Outreach Efforts 

On the 19th July, IYA team including Prof Kambhampati Subrahmanyam, Sri DR Kaarthikeyan and Ravi Tumuluri visited Rajarajeshwari Temple and paid their respects to Sri Sri Sri Jayendra Puri Mahaswamiji, the present pontiff of Sri Kailash Ashrama Mahasamshtana. Sri Sri Sri Tiruchi Swamigal was the…

Daaji’s Message from Kanha! 

Heartfulness proposes meditation on the heart with an aim of attaining subtler levels of consciousness. The heart is not merely a pump for blood circulation – its role goes far beyond that. References in ancient Indian literature on Yoga, especially that from Sages like Patanjali,…

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23 Sep 2023



Perception of Rhythmic Breath 

by Shri K. C. Jain, Treasurer, IYA & Managing Trustee, Akhil Bharatiya Anuvrat Nyas

Breath is our life force, breath is life itself. It has been reiterated many a time that the speed and rhythm of breath serve as a barometer, a thermometer of our physical, emotional, and mental health. If there is even the slightest change in these aspects of our health, the speed and rhythm of our breath will also alter accordingly. However, the role and significance of our breath goes much further than this. On the one side, our breath progresses at its normal speed and alters its speed and rhythm in accordance with our physical, mental or emotional state. Conversely, on the other, through our will power we can bring about a change in the speed and rhythm of our breath to make ourselves healthy and also gain control over our life force and vital energy. As the speed and rhythm of our breath stabilize, so will stabilize our life force, or vital energy and our health will improve.

Samtaal Shwaas Preksha or the Perception of Rhythmic Breath is a distinct discipline of Preksha Meditation. In this, the breath is inhaled (poorak), held (kumbhak), and exhaled (rechan) in specific proportions. That is, the time period for the inhalation and exhalation must be proportionate. Beginners of the practice may determine this time depending on their individual capabilities, beginning with 4 to 5 seconds for each action. For example, if one inhales for about 5 seconds, then the breath must also be held for 5 seconds, and the exhalation must also be of 5 seconds in duration. In the initial days, this requires some practice, and gradually, one can do this automatically or without need of stimulus. It must however be kept in mind that the entire process must be carried out at an extremely subtle level, and rhythmically, and not with great force. Only then can the practice achieve its true objective.

As our practice of Perception of Rhythmic Breath becomes stronger over time, we will be able to gradually enter the deeper levels of meditation by observing our breath and regulating its speed and rhythm. In actuality, this practice is not one of regulating the speed and rhythm of the breath alone. Its direct result is the regulation of the mind and thoughts, and the initiation into the deeper levels of meditation. Because the speed of our thoughts and the activity of our mind has a direct correlation with the speed and rhythm of our breath, therefore, when we begin to regulate our breath, automatically our thoughts and mind also begin to be regulated and we enter into the deeper levels of meditation.

Relaxed beautiful woman keeps fingers together for meditation makes zen mudra sign breathes patient inhales positive vibes closes eyes closed wears casual t shirt isolated over green background

Samtaal Shvaas Preksha or Perception of Rhythmic Breath is thus a distinct discipline of Preksha Meditation which is an effective means for achieving holistic health and for our introduction to the deeper levels of meditation.

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