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03 Jul 2022


Yoga for Old Age:  IYA and NISD organises first  Orientation Workshop
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Yoga for Old Age: IYA and NISD organises first Orientation Workshop 

A three days Orientation workshop on virtual media was conducted by Indian Yoga Association (IYA) in collaboration with National Institute of Social Defence (NISD) during 1-3 October 2021 to launch a nationwide training to teachers to teach Yoga practices to citizens in old-age homes under the project ‘Yoga for Old Age’. The ultimate goal of this ongoing project as fixed and described by Government of India is part of continuous efforts to provide assistance in various modes that results into improvement in health and quality of life of senior citizens of our nation.

Around 20 teachers participated all three days in this workshop learnt various Yoga techniques in details with physiological importance and with many variations which aged and suffering people also can easily practice to alleviate their pain and problems and can leave healthy life. These teachers with their regular revisions develop skills and expertise in these techniques and shall go to various near-by Old-age homes spread all over the country to train old people for their comfort and improvement in life-style.

The training sessions on these three days were conducted on Zoom by Dr Ganesh Rao on Pranayama / Mudras on the first day from 11 am – 02.00 pm with 17 participants. Day 2 saw Dr. Deepak Bagadia informing 16 participants about Sukshma Vyayama / Kriyas / Asanas from 10 am – 01.00 pm and the on the last day Shri Sridharan and Shri Janakiraman teaching 16 participants about meditation and offered them general guidance from 10 am – 01.00 pm.

Dr.Ganesh Rao explained and taught various breathing techniques, variety of Pranayamas, Mudras, their significance in removal of toxic blockages in pranic channels, applications to prevent age related stress and other problems and calm down mental fluctuations .

Dr.Deepak Bagadia handled the 2nd day workshop with the assistance of Smt Bhavna as demonstrator to train the group in Sukshma-Vyayama which are highly recommended for old and weak persons and also for prevention of joints related problem.

Shri Jankiraman explained in detail all do’s and don’ts of yoga practices when one handles seniors and old aged people. He taught relaxation and meditative techniques which any sick or bed ridden person or at any age one can practice and avail benefits.

Shri Shridharan shared his views on the importance of yoga and that the yogic practices should be performed slowly, in a relaxed manner with awareness of body and breath. He explained the general guidelines of the yoga as to how a teacher should teach their student so that they love the practice which will eventually help them to make their mind calmer and slow their aging process.

Participants who attended the workshop for all the three days were awarded a certificate of participation. They will also receive Yoga Volunteer Membership (YVM) of IYA free which can be upgraded to Yoga Professional Membership (YPM).

The three-day workshop was entirely coordinated on behalf of IYA by Smt Thrushal Sunman, Office Administrator, IYA and Smt Ankita Pandey, Office Administrator, IYA PrCB.

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