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Heartfulness proposes meditation on the heart with an aim of attaining subtler levels of consciousness. The heart is not merely a pump for blood circulation – its role goes far beyond that. References in ancient Indian literature on Yoga, especially that from Sages like Patanjali,…

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03 Jul 2022


Messages from IYA Gurus
Messages from IYA Office Bearers

Messages from IYA Gurus 

Indian Yoga Association (IYA) as a self-regulatory body of most Yoga organizations is uniting major Yoga paramparas in India. The Association was established by Bhishma Pitamaha Dr. BKS Iyen­gar the leading Master and other Gurus of Yoga drawn from vari­ous traditions with strong in-depth knowledge of traditional yoga and Indian philosophy. IYA aims at spreading the knowledge of traditional yoga across the globe for the benefit of society. Yoga­vani- IYA monthly is now one year baby and has been very help­ful in taking the mission and vision of the association to different heights altogether.

I congratulate the entire team of Standing Publicity, Publication and Public Relations Committee (SPPPRC)who has been able to bring out such informative issues under the leadership and guid­ance of Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavnani. I urge all the IYA members to participate and spread the message of IYA through Yogavani!

Guruji Dr HR Nagendra, President, IYA

Yogavani is such an insightful magazine and is serving people through meaningful articles on yoga, which is the need of the hour.

In this millennial world, people need direction in life, people need clarity in life and this is being served through this wonderful maga­zine. I congratulate all those who are making this successful with such inspiring and dedicated efforts.

The Yoga Institute Santacruz East mumbai since last 102 years is teaching yoga as a way of life i.e: Yoga as a lifestyle. Yoga has to go into ones nature and habit.

One must think before doing an action. Yoga is the science of awareness and a culture of consciousness. Only asanas or pranaya­mas or meditation is very small part of yoga. Yoga has to be taught and lived holistically and it is for praani -matra. In today’s time world is going through tremendous change, speed. World is finding new methods of communication, connection. Here yoga is the only thing which would save one from getting affected, getting stressed and getting sick. Every human should learn holistic yoga and take care of itself and do its duty towards others.

Wishing most and more to Team Yogavani!

Maa Dr. Hansaji Yogendra,
Senior Vice President, IYA

Indian Yoga Association over the pass few year has become a well-known name in the country and across the world owing to its concerted attempt and achievement of bringing together all the yoga Paramparas under one umbrella. This paved the way for pro­motion and advancement of Indian yoga and its application around the world.

In order to promote it further IYA has taken initiative to publish a monthly digital newsletter ‘Yogavani’. It gives an insight of the activities taking place all around the globe in the field of Yoga and showcase their activities for the benefit of institutions dedicated to promoting yoga in its true perspective.

I congratulate the editorial board and all the team members of Standing Publicity, Publication and Public Relations Committee (SPPPRC) for their hard work & unconditional support for bring­ing out Yogavani so successfully. It’s a one-year baby now. We hope to see Yogavani taking the mission and vision of IYA ahead and continues to give the readers a delightful read.

Dr S P Mishra, Vice President IYA & CEO, IYA PrCB

Yoga-Va.i is the voice of Yoga. The profundity of Yoga lies in the fact that it sets one free from all sorts of pains and sufferings of life. The ancient seers of India not only aspired themselves to attain the highest state of freedom, but also dedicated themselves to vanquish the miseries tormenting human lives. Srimadbhaga­vadgita puts: ‘labhante k.i.a-kalma.a. chinna-dvaidha yatatmana. sarva-bhuta-hite rata..’ They attain the highest state of freedom who, being free from all impurities, are engaged in the welfare of all the beings. It is indeed true that Yoga-Va.i has been disseminating the wisdom of Yoga to all including the afflicted souls who are in search of solace. May the march of this wonderful journal gain its full splendour in the days to come.

Shri Subodh Tiwari,
Vice President, IYA

The Yogic science is precious gift of rich and diversified culture of India. The aim of yoga does not complete after achieving a good health but it is a journey towards the one becoming all. The drop merging into the ocean and becoming the ocean itself. We as Indians are blessed by our ancestors for handing over this most valuable and sacred knowledge of yoga. Indian culture has been following the spirit of world is one family (Vasudaiva Kutumvakam) and proved the same at the time of need. Now in today’s era physical and psy­chological health has been compromised a lot due to the technology dependent lifestyle. Even though modern medicine was able to sim­plify the human journey but it was unable to provide the side effect less solution.

As an Indian we not just have the opportunity but we also have the responsibility of spreading the science of yoga to every person of this world for their holistic health. The initiative taken by IYA will gives its reader confidence that the country is moving into the right direction. Yogavani will show you the overall scenario of Yoga starting from Indian Yoga tradition, application of Yoga in various curriculum, therapeutic approach and Research activity.

Dr Jaideep Arya, Regional Coordinator,
North Region and Joint Secretary, IYA

The Yogavani is another wonderful initiative of the Association! It translates to ‘Yoga’ ‘Voice’ or ‘Eloquence’! True to its name, the Yogavani has been the voice of the IYA and its members. It is indeed wonderful to see that the Yogavani is now a one-year old baby, able to move on its own. The entire IYA fraternity is involved in growing up this baby. I wish the Yogavani and its team the very best!!

Shri Ravi Tumuluri,
Regional Coordinator,
South Region and Joint Secretary, IYA

Yoga is the discovery by our ancient Rishis, the spiritual scientists, of the Universal Interconnectedness (www: World Wide Web), One­ness of Existence—the microcosm macrocosm Identity. It is thus not a mere a system of philosophy or a bunch of techniques, but a profound realization of Universal Harmony which alone has the power to usher in a new World Order, a brave new world of Unity and Harmony based on scientific principles. Albeit ancient, it is yet modern, pura api nava which is Sri Shankaracharya’s interpretation of the classic word purana. Revival of the ancient teaching Yoga in this light was attempted by Swami Vivekananda in the modern age of science and reason. This realization of Universal Harmony manifests as selfless love and service. Vedanta as the science of spirituality (brahma-vidya) and Yoga as the technology (yoga-shastra) together form a comprehensive whole as the colophon at the end of each Chapter of the Bhagavad-Gita illustrates. May the scientific practice of this synthetic Yoga-Vedanta bring great blessings to the stress-torn, panic-stricken and tension-ridden humanity.

Swami Atmapriyananda,
Director, Standing Academic & Accreditation, IYA

I congratulate the publishing team of Yogavani of Indian Yoga As­sociation for completing its one year. It is very heartening to know that it has received laurels from its readers. Yoga is growing rapidly as a profession due to its popularity through research evidence on its preventive, promotive, therapeutic, rehabilitative and palliative ben­efits. The very first funded nationwide project of IYA was Niyantrita Madhumeha Bharata Abhiyaan that surveyed 25 lakh individuals by door to door survey in a randomized controlled trial and implement­ed yoga practices in 120 remote villages and 120 wards in urban locations by active involvement of 1200 yoga volunteer instructors of many member institutions of IYA. We are glad to say that this project has now completed publication of around 30 research papers in indexed journals and won the award for 2019 by the world’s high­est body for diabetes, the American Diabetes Association.
I wish ‘best of luck’ for the growth of Yogavani in the new year.

Dr Nagarathna Raghuram,
Director, Standing Research Committee, IYA

Indian Yoga Association is an attempt to unite all yoga parampa­ras. The association has been working hard for the promotion and advancement of Yoga while retaining its purity in true sense. The Association develops and disseminates new approach to the prac­tice, teachings and research of yoga. In last one year, Yogavani- The Monthly of IYA, has taken the vision of IYA forward. I congratulate the Standing Publicity, Publication and Public Relations Committee (SPPPRC) for successfully bringing out Yogavani. It’s a one-year baby now and we hope to see Yogavani taking the mission and vi­sion of IYA to different heights.

Shri PC Kapur, Treasurer

Yoga has become my lifestyle, part of my daily routine. For last 17 years I hardly missed a day. It’s first priority “DINCHRYA”. I am 78 years old now. Most important thing that happened to me was my aging process reversed/slowed down. When my friends, relatives and associates saw this change in me, which was very visible they also got motivated and started practising Yog. Pujya Swami Ram­devji inspired and guided me. It was very easy to start practising yog and progress as you practice. I will advise from my experience of 17 years, practice yog everyday with full awareness and concentra­tion and be blissfully healthy and energetic. Continuity of practises is essential. Sage Patanjali has explained this in Sutra 14 of Samadhi Pada. Indian Yoga Association is working towards the cause and Yogavani takes it a step forward. Yogavani is one year old now. I congratulate the entire team.

Shri Ramkumar Rathi, Director, Standing Finance Committee

The past year has been a year filled with struggles, challenges, losses and breakdowns for so many worldwide. Yet, I am so proud of our beloved Indian Yoga community that has made gigantic efforts to support everyone in their moments of dire need. Beginning with the Synchronized Global Yoga Prayers and continuing into a multitude of events, member institutions of IYA and the IYA itself have en­abled hundreds of thousands from all over the globe to benefit from the life enhancing and transforming wisdom of Yoga. My father and Guru Yogamaharishi Dr Swami Gitananda Giri Guru Maharaj would say, ‘A nervous breakdown is an opportunity for a spiritual breakthrough”. Indeed the teachings of Yoga have enabled so many to deal effectively with their struggles, suffering and mindfully overcome them with grace and courage. “Caring is indeed sharing” and our IYA community has been an exemplary role model of how we can lovingly support each other in such times of crisis. Yogavani has been an effective tool for all of us to come together over the past year and it is indeed a pleasure to work with a team that lives the teachings of Yogeshwar Sri Krishna in manifesting “karmasu kaush­alam”, skill in action. May we all be worthy of the benevolent grace of our Divine Mother Yoga and grow and glow together in spirit.

Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani
Standing Publicity, Publication and Public Relations Committee (SPPPRC)

Yoga brings in harmony and balances everything in the inner world and the outside work. Indian Yoga Association is a movement that unites all yoga paramparas trying to bring in that balance in the so­cial structure. The association has been working hard for the promo­tion and advancement of Yoga and its applications around the world. Efforts are also made by the association to develop and disseminate new approaches to the practice, teach and research of yoga. Yoga­vani has completed one-year and I hope for its success in future.

Shri Haresh Trivedi
Director, Standing Legal & Standards Committee

Indian Yoga Association is an attempt to unite all yoga paramparas. The association has been working diligently and with great commit­ment for the promotion and advancement of Yoga and its applica­tions around the world. Efforts are also being made to develop and disseminate new approaches to the practice, teach and research of yoga. I congratulate the Standing Publicity, Publication and Pub­lic Relations Committee (SPPPRC) for successfully bringing out Yogavani for the past one year. We hope to see Yogavani taking the mission and vision of IYA to new and greater heights.

Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati ji
Honorary Director, Standing Publicity,
Publication & P.R. Committee

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