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03 Jul 2022


Five Factors that  Influence Mind

Five Factors that Influence Mind 

by Shri Mayank Raj Saxena, Life Member, Indian Yoga Association

Five Factors that influence mind are:

  • Place
  • Time
  • Food
  • Past impressions
  • Associations & actions

Every place you are in, impacts the mind differently. You can feel this even in different rooms in your house. A place where there has been singing, chanting and meditation has a different influence on the mind. Suppose you like a particular place, you may find that a little later, it will not be the same.

Time is also a factor. Different times of the day and year have different influences ion the mind.
The food you eat has an effect on you, which lasts for several days.

Past impressions – karmas have a different impact on mind. Awareness, alertness, knowledge and meditation all help to erase the past impressions.

Actions and the people and events you are associated with, also influence your mind. In certain company, your mind behaves in one way with other it behaves in another way.

Now the question comes should we worry for it??

No need to be paranoid about it. Just know these factors.

Though these 5 factors influence life & mind, know that the self is much more powerful. As you grow in knowledge, you will influence them all.

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