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IYA Central Secretariat’s Outreach Efforts 

On the 19th July, IYA team including Prof Kambhampati Subrahmanyam, Sri DR Kaarthikeyan and Ravi Tumuluri visited Rajarajeshwari Temple and paid their respects to Sri Sri Sri Jayendra Puri Mahaswamiji, the present pontiff of Sri Kailash Ashrama Mahasamshtana. Sri Sri Sri Tiruchi Swamigal was the…

Daaji’s Message from Kanha! 

Heartfulness proposes meditation on the heart with an aim of attaining subtler levels of consciousness. The heart is not merely a pump for blood circulation – its role goes far beyond that. References in ancient Indian literature on Yoga, especially that from Sages like Patanjali,…

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05 Feb 2023


State Chapter  Committee Meetings – December 2021
State Chapter Committee Events

State Chapter Committee Meetings – December 2021 

HPSCC meets physically post-lockdown

Himachal Pradesh State Chapter Committee of Indian Yoga Association physically met on November 29, 2021 at Himrashmi Complex, Vikas Nagar, Shimla. The meeting was chaired by Smt Lakshmi Dutt Sharma, Chairman, HPSCC. The meeting also saw the presence of Smt Kamlesh Barwal, General Secretary, IYA, Shri VK Bhattnager, Vice Chairperson, Shriniwas Murti, Secretary, Smt Meenakshi Sood, Smt Ichho Chauhan, Joint Secretary, Smt Kalpana Devi, Shri Manish Kumar, Dr Som Dutt, Smt Savitri, Smt Lata Thakur, Shri Suresh Chand Gupta, Smt Kanta Sharma and Dr Amit Gautam.

Smt Lakshmi Dutt Sharma welcome Smt Kamlesh Barwal in the meeting. All the members of the committee gave an elaborated report of the activities organised during the lockdown. Shriniwas Murti ji requested all to share their reports on his email.

During the meeting the Chairman mentioned the formation of State Yoga and Naturopathy Advisory Board by the Himachal Pradesh Government. Four IYA members of the State Chapter are part of the Advisory Board. All the members present expressed their gratitude to the State Government on the formation of the Advisory Board which they had been demanding from last 4 years.

In the meeting, a suggestion was as well tabled in front of Smt Kamlesh Barwal to form a working group of active members. The Chairman also requested the various partner organisations to use the banner and logo of IYA while organising activities to promote Yoga and Naturopathy and share the details on WhatsApp group so that the centre could be informed about these activities. Discussions were also held to speed up the membership drive and open a bank account.

It was also decided that the online meeting will be held every month and physical meeting will be organised once in three months.

Gujarat SCC Meeting held Online

Gujarat State Committee of Indian Yoga Association organised its meeting on November 21, 2021. As many as 23 participants joined the online meeting including Acharya Birju Maharaj, Chairperson, Smt Bhakti Shah, Joint Secretary, Shri Vikram Mistry, Joint Secretary, Shri Kamlesh Udasi, Secretary, Smt Mauli Bavisker, Member, Shri Hinal Thakkar, Member, Shri Priyank Panchal and others.

Smt Mauli Bavisker opened the forum to welcome all the members and introduced IYA. The meeting began with committee members being appreciated for their phenomenal team work of gathering, segregating and bringing together all the IYA members of Gujarat. A WhatsApp group was created on 29 October, 2021 just before the Deepawali celebrations started.

In the meeting, Smt Bhakti Ben tabled the work of media committee and invited participation from all members. Shri Kamlesh Bhai discussed about the various activities of the state chapters. Acharya Birju Maharaj in his address encouraged all the committee members to participate whole heartedly towards the promotion of activities of IYA Gujarat Chapter and enable them as a group to unite and proceed to create a strong platform for all yoga professionals and practitioners of Gujarat.

During the meeting it was decided that Shri Shankar Bhai Patel will reach out to schools and students to promote IYA activities. Suggestions also poured in to organise de-stressing workshops and stress management programs.

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