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30 Nov 2021


A webinar on ‘Insight about Demand by Employers’ by HSSC
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A webinar on ‘Insight about Demand by Employers’ by HSSC 

Healthcare Skill Sector Council (HSSC) held a webinar with Ministry of Rural Development on ‘Insight about Demand by Employers in the Skill Sector’ on August 31, 2020 via Microsoft Team.

As many as 50 people attended the webinar. From Indian Yoga Association, Shri Ravi Tumuluri, Joint Sec­retary and from IYA Secretariat Smt.Thrushal Sunman and Smt.Shruti Prabhakar were present.

In his address on ‘Insight about demand by employers in Yoga sector’, Shri Ravi Tumuluri explained every­body present about the initiatives taken by IYA to promote and propagate Yoga all over the country. He also stressed upon how with the initiative of our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, we have been able to develop a Yoga movement called IYA!

Further talking about the contribution of IYA, he informed everybody present about the IYA involvement in creation of Common Yoga Protocol (CYP) for International Day of Yoga, creation of syllabus for UGC, NCERT and NCT.

IYA being the Knowledge Partners of HSSC, he explained that HSSC and IYA has jointly developed a Yoga Therapy Assistant program for which IYA is presently empanelling it Member Institutes and Associate Centers across the country. “With the endeavour, IYA will be able train a large number of people and will be able to tap rural areas too,” he said.

During the webinar people present put forth their views on the need for standardization of roles and respon­sibilities. They also raised concerns about the difference in expectations of the employees and how can these differences by minimized.

The webinar was coordinated by Smt.Anshu Verma, HSSC and Shri Dharminder Chaudhary, HSSC.

The webinar was attended by Shri Amit Pandey, Shri Asheehs Sinha, Shri Ashish Jain, Shri BK Tripathy, Shri Charanjit Singh, Smt.Dipali Pujara from Ministry of Rural Deveopment, Dr Vijay Reddy, Dr. GV Ra­mana Rao, Dr.Adarsh, Shri Perwaiz Alam, Shri Ryan Yaduvanshi, Smt.Sandhya, Shri Krishna Kumar, Smt.Neha Gupta, Smt.Nidhi Rawat, Shri Nitin, Shri Vikas Bhambra, Shri Virendra Sharma, Shri Vinay, Smt. Sunanda, Shri Tanmay from Ministry of Rural Development and may others.

HSSC Training to Empanel Yoga Skill Centers

IYA held a meeting via Zoom with the Associate Centers across the country for helping them out with the process of empanelment for Healthcare Skill Sector Council (HSSC) on August 25, 2020 at 10am.
IYA is the Knowledge Partner of HSSC and both have jointly created a new job role of Yoga Therapy As­sistant. The Yoga Therapy Assistant will be responsible for demonstrating, assisting and even providing yoga therapies to the individuals by creating appropriate and conducive ambience. The professionals will follow prescriptions and will provide support to individuals before, during and after therapy. They will also perform basic administrative functions including record maintenance of day to day activities at the work place.

The new job role has created a lot of job opportunities for the Yoga professionals. Hence, IYA has been act­ing an interface between the Associate Centre and Healthcare Sector Skill Council and organized a meeting where Shri Dharminder Chaudhary from HSSC tried solving the problems face by the Associate Centers in registering themselves as the Training Provider or Training Centre.

The meeting was attended by Meetal Koticha Shah, Project Life, Shri Sisir Biswas, Shri Ritesh Patel, Shri Maneesh Singh, MDVTI, Smt.Reena Agrawal, Smt.Shwetambari Chothe, Shri Subahndu, Shri Vinod Ku­mar, Ayusha Mandiram, Dr.Sunanda Rathi, Shri Arindam Sen, Prof Satyendra Rajput, Shri PB Rshikesan, Dr Lalitha Gaurav, Smt.Garima Gupta Kapila, Dr Jagdish Naik, Shri Phaneendra Kumar, Smt.Priyanka Pal, Shri Bhaskar Hindustani, Yogacharya Kundan, Shri Akash Singhvi, Shri Pakesh B, Shri Krishna from Shrimath Yoga, Shri Shibu Daniel, Anaadi Foundation, Shri Parmanand Aggarwal, Shri Umesh Patil, Shri Andre, Yoga Wellness Center, Shri Debasis and Shri Amit Rai.

The meeting also saw participation from Shri Ravi Tumuluri, Joint Secretary, IYA and from IYA Secretariat Smt.Thrushal Sunman, Smt.Shruti Parabhakar, Shri Bhupinder and Shri Neeraj Kumar were present.

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