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Daaji’s Message from Kanha! 

Heartfulness proposes meditation on the heart with an aim of attaining subtler levels of consciousness. The heart is not merely a pump for blood circulation – its role goes far beyond that. References in ancient Indian literature on Yoga, especially that from Sages like Patanjali,…

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06 Dec 2021

Category: Yoga Paramparas Revealed

Yoga Paramparas Revealed

Mahavatar Babaji Maharaj, Paramahansa Yogananda lineage 

Shri Ravi Tumuluri, Joint Secretary, Indian Yoga Association visited Hariharananda Gurukulam in Balighai on February 6, 2020. During his visit he met Paramahamsa Prajnananda Giriji. The ashram is developed by Paramahamsa Hariharananda, a realized Kriya Yoga master. Hariharananda Gurukulam is part of the Kriya Yoga…

Yoga Paramparas Revealed

Adi Sankaracharya – Advaita Parampara 

Dakshinamnaya Sringeri Sharada Peetham organised the Shankarayasholahari program to prepare a roadmap for the Sankara Jayanti celebrations to commemorate the advent of Adi Sankara to this world starting April 28th for five days. Indian Yoga Association was invited to this event for the first time…