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Daaji’s Message from Kanha! 

Heartfulness proposes meditation on the heart with an aim of attaining subtler levels of consciousness. The heart is not merely a pump for blood circulation – its role goes far beyond that. References in ancient Indian literature on Yoga, especially that from Sages like Patanjali,…

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22 Jan 2021

Category: Legacy Series

Legacy Series

Mokshayatan Yog Sansthan 

“Shakti: Sanyam: Seva” (Power: Command: Service). It has been embarking on new horizons under his holy tutelage for over 48 years. Established in 1973 at the city of Saharanpur, U.P. where there was no awareness about YOGA Mok­shayatan Yog Sansthan started under most adverse circumstances…

Legacy Series

Ghantali Mitra Mandal 

History of Foundation Ghantali Mitra Mandal, (GMM) has been formed in 1965 as a chari­table institution handling the social activities in Thane and around areas. The founder of GMM is late Yogacharya Shrikrishna Vasudeo Vyavahare, (alias Anna), who was off late known as Swami Satyakarmanand….

Legacy Series

Sri Aurobindo Society 

Sri Aurobindo Society was estab­lishment is September 24, 1960. However, the Society celebrates its anniversary on September 19 as the Mother had signed the regis­tration document on that date in 1960. Sri Aurobido (1872–1950) Founder Guru Founder Guru and Other Yoga Masters SRI AUROBINDO (1872–1950)…

Legacy Series

Kaivalyadhama: Where Yoga Tradition & Science Meet 

LEGEND Kaivalyadhama is one of the oldest and the most comprehensive Yoga Institutes in the world. It doesn’t just teach, but since 1924 it has carried out substantial and innovative studies into almost every aspect of Yoga’s practice. It is one of the foremost scientific…

Legacy Series

Sivananda – Specialisations 

Specialisations The Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre organisation’s greatest contribution has been to make accessible yoga philosophy and practice to the general public. It offers a structure for disseminating the knowledge of yoga that is easy to understand and simple to practise, through the four paths…

Legacy Series

Swami Vishnudevananda (1927 – 1993) – Founder 

Born in 1927 in south India Swami Vishnudevananda was sent as a young man to the West in 1957 by his guru H.H. Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswati Maharaj to spread the teachings of yoga, with the words ‘People are waiting…’ He founded, in Swami Sivananda’s…