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Heartfulness proposes meditation on the heart with an aim of attaining subtler levels of consciousness. The heart is not merely a pump for blood circulation – its role goes far beyond that. References in ancient Indian literature on Yoga, especially that from Sages like Patanjali,…

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06 Dec 2021


Synchronised Global Prayers Feedbacks
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Synchronised Global Prayers Feedbacks 

Union, connection, integration, inspiration, being the best version of me, transcending individuality, feeling part of something much bigger than me. They aren’t only simple fine words, but have become a living experience during these weeks around the Synchronized Global Prayers. Thanks so much to IYA for promoting this awesome yogic experience”.
Laura Tolbaños Roche, Yoga therapist and Psychotherapist, Spain

Thank you so much for this Global Prayer everyday Indian Yoga Association. The sessions are always wonderful and you are helping us all to overcome the Corona time mental safely, with hope and humour. Wishing everyone peace and contentment at this time.
Leena Elo (Latha), Berlin

It is a blessing that through the efforts of Indian Yoga Association we virtually get
to be a part of the Global prayers and we are all one.
Marion Mugs McConnell, Canada

The Synchronized Global Prayer has been wonderful in that it keeps the mind focused on love rather than fear. For me, it has kept me grounded in truth and has provided structure in my practice. The Brahmari pranayama has had a positive effect on sleep as well. The practice is keeping me centered in love and unity of my fellows as we all walk through fear and doubt at times. Thank you Indian Yoga Association for these beautiful offerings and may we all be healthy, happy and blessed as we walk together through this time.
Kim Wohlen, USA

The Synchronised Global Prayers by Indian Yoga Association is really unique in the sense that it makes me feel positively connected to the rest of the world. It gives me hope and confidence that we are all in it together to deal collectively and successfully with this global crisis.
I also personally enjoy the Bhramari Pranayam very much, as it connects me
to myself in a way I don’t feel with anything else.
So thank you so much for this morning and evening practice. The sessions are the highlight of the day and my benchmark for self-discipline and emotional balance.
Manjiri Prabhu, Pune

The Global Prayers by IYA is so effective and practical way with a 27 rounds of Brahmari Pranayama which in effect to get oneself one pointed mind and calm to set forth the peace prayer to overcome COVID-19.
Gitan Rajapakse, Sri Lanka

It has been such a wonderful opportunity to have come together as a huge combined unit, a family during these times of social distancing and lock out, twice every day regularly ever since the break out of the pandemic. Prayers has enabled us to battle out the sense of seclusion and fear through the vibrational resonance if Brahmari pranayama as well as the sankalpa along with the energetic clapping to appreciate the efforts of the health workers.Thank you Indian Yoga Association for motivating us!!
Dr Meena Ramanathan, Pondicherry

The initiative of Global Prayers by Indian Yoga Association has structured my days in last weeks. The prayers fill my heart with gratitude, happiness and peace. The Synchronised Global Prayers have the transforming energy to make change and growth possible in all. May you be blessed and protected.
Always In gratitude!
Arja (Vijaya), Berlin

In the years to come we will look back on this unique and wonderful opportunity we had of assisting humanity in its time of crisis. Thank you Indian Yoga Association for the Global Prayer initiative and to Dr Ananda for giving the world Gitananda Yoga family the opportunity to come together to add our light to the collective! What an honor to be part of such a magnanimous gesture. Thank you!
Alet Ferreira-Brazelle, Cape Town, South Africa

I’m really enjoying the Synchronised Global Prayer, a wonderful initiative by Indian Yoga Association. With this global pandemic, our 3R’s (rhythm, repetition and regularity) have been taken away. This creates anxiety. The global prayer creates a “regular” “routine” with “rythmic” breathing. How perfect for putting our R’s together! I find it is also nice to connect to my yoga family in these isolating times. I am craving contact with people other than my husband. It is so nice to see all of you as well as others in the morning prayers. It is nice to feel like there are people out there with good intentions.
Nova Scheidt, Canada

I would like to thank In­dian Yoga Association for its contribution to Yoga. We are spreading your methods of Synchronised Global Prayers. We have been motivating Yoga Instructors to help COV­ID-19 patients to cope up at their homes with Yoga.
Dr Giorgia Neora,Cardiac Surgeon, Milano, Italy

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